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iRemote (Beta)


  • Smart & feature-rich Vesc Remote Controller, bringing innovation to DIY builders.
  • Built and hand assembled during the course of 2-4 weeks.
  • Works together with iLogger acting as a central transceiver.
  • Transceiver (iLogger) sold separately – required if not already bought.
  • Compatible with most Vesc variants.

Technical Specifications:

  • Round IPS TFT display, wide view angle, 240×240 resolution.
  • CAN + UART enabled. Instantaneous response on multiple Vescs setups using CAN Bus.
  • Hall effect throttle, ±45°range, immune to common potentiometer wear, ultra-accurate & responsive.
  • Built-in high-performance IMU (gyro, accelerometer, temp sensor).
  • Free-Fall safety auto-detection, Raise to wake power saving, idle auto shutdown
  • Extra handy button programmable as safety lock/toggle, reverse, digital channel,…
  • Reliable, Secure, and long-range Peer to Peer proprietary protocol powered by ESPNOW, providing a modern, high throughput RF communication.
  • Interference-Resilient Custom FHSS (Frequency-hopping spread spectrum) transmission
  • Safety throttle release when connection lost
  • Built-in battery charger w/ thermal regulation
  • 8+ hours continuous runtime – w/ display at full brightness
  • 10+ hours continuous runtime – w/ display raise to wake, auto-dim
  • Haptic feedback with faults alerts, battery, and signal monitoring
  • Piezo buzzer for notifications with faults alerts, battery, and signal monitoring
  • Dual-core ESP32-Wrover w/16MB flash and 4MB SRAM
  • Soft power latching with hardware and software shutdown function.
  • Magnetic charging port – Protection against accidental cable snapping, more durable.
  • Hassle-free OTA firmware updates.
  • Compatible with iTool app through BLE.

Package includes 1x iRemote, 1x USB Cable Magnetic Charger, 1x Lanyard Strap.

Transceiver (iLogger) sold separately – Required for operation

  • Experience unmatchable performance and reliability, hand built and individually tested to offer the best quality Vesc remote.
  • Using extremely reliable automotive grade CAN BUS control with an almost 0% residual error probability, around 1 undetected error in 100,000 years, providing you with the most reliable and safe Vesc control, the only reliable safety critical communication protocol available, unlike PPM or UART which have none or minimal protection against errors, and can cause all sort of unexpected cutouts and unexplained throttle behavior.
  • Instantaneous throttle response to all Vescs on CAN Bus, bypassing all forwarding delays normally seen on UART or PPM.
  • As fast as a human can possibly perceive, unparalleled Hall Effect sensor throttle response, as accurate as a finger can be. Wide +-45 degrees of range, giving you plenty of power control and a confident stance. Immune to common potentiometer wear.
  • An operating system build for safety, performance, and friendly user interface. Powerful error detections and notifications of every critical remote component. Fully automated Core Dump saving from unhandled errors, and seamless upload of crash report data to cloud for a fast and efficient bugs tracing. This ensures the remote is always up to date with the latest fixes reported by users.
  • Seamless Over The Air updates, your remote is always up to date with the latest stable and features packed firmware using a single button.
  • Tone buzzer combined with advanced haptic motor provides you with a powerful alerts and notifications feedback right when you need it.
  • A quick glance at the wide viewing angle, IPS full color display, gives you all the real time telemetry info you need at your fingertips, like speed, battery pack voltage, remote voltage, Watt power usage, mosfets temperature, traveled distance, efficiency and more!
  • The extra momentary button on the side gives you plenty of options to toggle from the remote, like lights, horn, or anything driven by a digital output. It can also be set as a safety switch, reverse, cruise control and much more.
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