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E108 GPS


The E108 GPS is handpicked and is tested to be fully compatible with our iLogger modules, it offers a high accuracy and supports a wide range of frequencies and satellites.

This GPS is a plug and play module, it comes with all the cables you need + antenna to work out of the box with the iLogger.

Package includes: E108 GPS module with built in antenna + cable.

Supported positioning system BDS/GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS/SBAS
Support peripheral interface UART(TXD/RXD)
Low power consumption Support
Periodic low power consumption Support
Direct low power consumption Support
Parameter setting software Support
Certification Pending
Module size 22*20*5.8mm(L*W*H)
interface 6P wiring seat, spacing 1.0mm
power supply VCC(3-5.5V)
Serial port Description
Communication level 2.8V—3.3V(2.8V)
Baud rate (bps) 9600~921600,default 9600
Data bit 8bit
Stop bit 1


Pin No. Name Description
1 CE Power enable terminal, can be pulled down to enter low power consumption mode (default is high)
2 1PPS 1PPS output, users can set frequency, duration, etc. through commands
3 GND Module power ground wire
4 TXD UART output (2.8V level)
5 RXD UART input (2.8V level)
6 VCC Module power supply (3V—5.5V)
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