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iLogger Fw ver. 1.0.4

  • Added RPM logging, viewable on APP and Online
  • Added Config file for easier settings modification
  • Added FormattedTime and RPM fields to exported log data
  • Added Upload All function – Experimental
  • Added preliminary support of upcoming iRemote
  • Added option to disable/enable iRemote support
  • Changed Duty Cycle range to 0-100%
  • Fixed a bug in GPS data size
  • Sharable URLs now uses hashed IDs
  • Minor bug fixes.

iLogger Fw ver. 1.0.2:

  • Fixed” Live Telemetry on Single Vescs
  • Minor bug fixed and adjustments

iLogger Fw ver. 1.0.1 Most notable ChangeLog:

  • New” Logging format is now byte encoded, Allowing full precision and reducing storage space. Can also store multiple vescs data + GPS into a single record.
  • New” Folders hierarchy based on Year/Month/Day/Timestamps_.lg
  • New” Life time stats – Saved on SD Card under LT.Dat – Records total odometer distance and overall run time.
  • New” Multiple Export functions added : Formats are:
  • New” Automatic MTU negotiation and dynamic streaming rate of live data / records streaming to use the maximum supported rate over BLE.
  • New” Log All ESCs: <On – Off> Logs all detected Vescs simultaneously or only the master unit. When using CAN, iLogger attempts to detect and Log all Vescs on CAN network. When using UART, both master and slave Vescs are logged.
  • New” Log after time sync only: <On – Off> When toggled on, starts logging only after time has been synchronized automatically through Wifi or GPS lock.
  • New” Logging Type: <Log Manually – Log on Power ON – Log After Elapsed Time>: Three possible logging modes can be selected.
    • Log manually: Doesn’t start logging unless the “Start Logging” button is tapped, and doesn’t stop logging until “Stop Logging” button is tapped.
    • Log After Elapsed Time: Starts logging automatically on Power ON after a specified delay in Seconds.
    • Log on Power ON: Starts logging automatically on Power ON without delay.
  • New” Log Start Delay (s): When Log after delay is selected, logging automatically starts after specified delay in seconds.
  • New” UART Slave Vesc ID: When UART is used, specify slave vesc ID to allow dual VESC logging.
  • New” Updated charts on the app fixing many performance issues.
  • New” Logging status on the real time tab. Shows the current logging status.
  • New” “Start Logging/Stop logging” button on the SD Card tab with elapsed time since logging started.
  • New” Record viewing screen, shoes summary of all logged data (Multiple vescs and GPS data if available)
  • New” Expanded viewing screen, shows a more detailed view of each vesc data.
  • New” Power logs and calculation, shows total consumed power, max watts, regen, efficiency Wh/Mi etc…
  • New” Longer logging sessions are now possible, without limit.
  • New” Firmware version check when connecting to a device, making it easy to be notified when a new update is available
  • New” switching back and forth between vescs on live data views (on Both CAN and UART)
  • New” Timestamped faults
  • Improved” DieBieMS/ FlexiBMS support

Online system was also updated to be compatible with the new records format

Re-designed to focus more on important data, added energy and efficiency calculations, general stats like runtime, distance etc…as well as toggle between Imperial and Metric

You can now switch between all logged vescs from the online viewer.

iLogger V 0.1.3


  • Major update: re-written BLE interface fixing several issues with Android/iOS
  • Updated all supporting libraries of the app
  • New and improved iLogger discovery page.
  • Smoother and faster initial connection/pairing
  • Full support for FlexiBMS/DieBieMS through CAN Bus.
  • Tabs are now only shown when connected to iLogger
  • Added proper error messages reflecting BLE status in case there is a problem.
  • Improved “Connect” button and optimized services discovery
  • Fixed live view not scrolling on smaller displays
  • Fixed live data chart sometimes not appearing on iOS
  • Fixed a bug prevent UART from working.
  • Optimized tasks to run cooler 
  • Optimized Wifi connection, now connects faster to an access point.
  • Important: Unpair from bluetooth lists/ Update iLogger firmware

iLogger V0.1.1


  • Updated progress dialog, fixing many issues where it was being randomly stuck/dismissed.
  • Fixed critical bug related to encryption key and built in chart viewer.
  • Improved Wifi task, better wifi connection status monitoring on the iLogger.
  • Fixed potential error when uploading a ride log, returning bad URL.
  • Fixed an error on online api preventing header information from being properly saved.
  • Fixed odometer value not being properly parsed, now it is saved at 2 digit decimal precision.
  • Fixed ride time calculation.
  • Added app ver number on settings page of the app.

iLogger V 0.1.0


  • Updated Core libraries
  • Updated BLE library
  • Added Chip ID button to retrieve unique Chip ID code (Keep it private, it will be used to register your device on the new dashboard and access synchronized logs)
  • FIX: A potential crash when on UART mode and closing setup page
  • FIX: SD Card toggle not working even tho SD card is valid
  • FIX: properly dispose of device overview, eliminating possible memory leak.
  • NEW: Added SD Card status on iLogger screen, possible values (Ok, No card detected, Mount failed, Initialization error). This helps debug SD Card issues.
  • NEW: Updated online log viewer, improved visuals and added “Play” button to automatically replay and visualize log data.
  • NEW: WavRX Dashboard Beta! Now you can create an account and register your devices to be able to access your data online, fetch, view and delete all synchronized logs, find firmware updates and changelog + many more to come! (Will be open for registration soon)

iLogger V 0.0.11


  • Fixed real time vesc CAN selector.
  • Added multi vesc real time telemetry
  • Added compatibility with old Unity firmware ex 23.43
  • Added initial support for smart BMSs (FlexiBMS and DieBieMS)
  • Added support to handle password-less Wifi networks

iLogger V 0.0.9


  • CAN improvements: Added CAN Baud rate selector to properly change the CAN Baud rate the iLogger is operating at. Now you can choose from 50K, 125K, 250K, 500K, and 1M. (Make sure your VESC’s CAN rate is matching.
  • Detecting and showing connected Vesc’s CAN IDs.
  • Added Units selection between Imperial / Metric
  • Added Automatic iLogger time sync when connecting to the app, time synchronizes when auto-connecting to wifi and through GPS modules as well.
  • Added battery percentage value next to the voltage reading. ( New cell numbers, min, max voltage settings).
  • Fixed a bug when uploading a log to the online API would return incorrect URL
  • Fixed lifetime odometer, now showing properly.
  • Improved GPS error filtering and handling
  • Improved Real-Time Chart performance

iLogger v 0.0.8

This is another major update fixing many critical bugs as well as adding some core features like proper debugging logs.

This update brings in several optimizations, pushing the iLogger into a more stable state.

Here is a brief summary of the changelog:

  • Added debug log screen to properly and efficiently discover and fix bugs.
  • Added Vesc CAN ID, CAN Receive and CAN Messages debug status.
  • Improved logs browsing.
  • Major optimizations.
  • Fixed BLE streaming sometimes would crash
  • Optimized directory listing.
  • Fixed GPS position processing
  • Fixed map view centering around the start of GPS tracking.
  • Fixed streaming of uploaded logs would sometimes crash because of the wrong data type.

iLogger V0.0.7

  • Upgraded BLE stack solving some compatibility issues with Android 10 and Samsung devices.
  • Major memory optimization, firmware now uses around 10x less memory.
  • Bumped ESP32 frequency to 240Mhz

CAN improvements:

  • Optimized CAN packets reception task
  • Changed CAN baud rate to 50k. After many trials, I concluded that 50k baud rate is the most stable. To use CAN port change Vesc CAN baud rate to 50k, if dual change on both.

iLogger v 0.0.6


  • Fixed apply button sometimes not saving settings.
  • Fixed a critical bug causing settings data to get corrupted in the heap.
  • Optimized real-time telemetry screen
  • Fixed a bug when logging to SD card, causing memory heap corruption.
  • Fixed lifetime odometer triggering threshold, sometimes it would keep incrementing even when the wheels are idle.
  • Fixed speed not showing on a recorded log chart
  • Fixed a bug related to GPS detection, also added real-time GPS status monitoring

iLogger v 0.0.3

  • Fixed google map API not working correctly on Android
  • Fixed GPS map centering when no GPS log data was recorded
  • Fixed BLE service UUID not advertising correctly
  • Fixed settings sometimes not saved correctly preventing wifi credentials to connect.
  • Fixed a bug where motor temp wasn’t logged correctly
  • Added a UTC offset drop-down selection menu
  • Added the ability to rename your iLogger for better multi-module support.
  • Updating settings now auto restarts iLogger to make sure settings are applied successfully.
  • Added lifetime Odometer logging ( Any suggestions about what other lifetime values to add?)
  • Introducing real-time screen, shows you a list of connected iLoggers, and a real time data feed of several telemetry data.

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